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Do you know the future development trend of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation?
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With the rapid development of science and technology, China is now in an advantageous state in the technology manufacturing industry. For now, the automated production lines of various large-scale machinery can replace manual completion, which brings a lot of convenience to everyone and saves a lot of time. As time goes by, mechanized manufacturing will enter another new era.

1 background

With the continuous development of science, the design of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation have evolved from new birth to mature, and then gradually improved. With the development and improvement of electronic information technology, the automatic controller produced by advanced electronic information technology, combined with mechanical design, produces computer-controlled automation without manual control. The adoption of mechanical automation not only provides sufficient production efficiency for the production needs of contemporary society, but also reduces the workload of manual production and greatly reduces the intensity of human work. The intuitive result of the use of mechanical automation is to increase productivity and production volume, and more importantly, enable other industries to develop accordingly. Mechanical automation technology began to develop in the 1920s. During the development of the last century, it was driven by foreign advanced technology. In China’s development, the mechanical automation technology used is far from replacing manual work. As a result, the applied industries are unevenly distributed, and the level of the mechanical design industry is low. Therefore, China's mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation development lag far behind developed countries.

Therefore, with the development of science and the rise and development of high-tech industries, my country's machinery design and manufacturing is far from keeping up with the manufacturing requirements of high-tech industries. On the one hand, it is the backwardness of machinery design and manufacturing, and the other is the precision of high-tech industrial equipment. Just like the development of electronic information technology, the required mechanical design and manufacturing requirements have reached the unpredictable millimetres, and the backward mechanical design and manufacturing has become a shortcoming restricting technological, economic, and social development. On the contrary, the first opportunity Manufacturing technology has become a powerful guarantee for social development.

(1) Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation characteristics. The use of mechanical design and manufacturing in a variety of industries has demonstrated an advanced nature, which meets the needs of green development. It not only continuously meets the social production needs in terms of functionalization, efficiency, materials, and energy use, but also more diversified The demand for high-tech development of modernization provides sufficient guarantee. The difference from the traditional design and manufacturing industry is that modern mechanical manufacturing design technology is mainly reflected in two aspects: humanization and intelligence. Moreover, in order to fully meet the production needs, the mechanical design and manufacture of automated machinery and equipment is the integration of multiple technologies. However, no matter what mechanical equipment, it will have its own limitations to some extent, and this is precisely the need for machinery. Design and manufacture design the function of the product according to the product functionality and the specific use of the product. Therefore, the intelligent and humanized mechanical design and manufacturing is no longer a rough accumulation of technology, but to combine specific characteristics of the technology to integrate and use technology.

(2) Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation advantages. 1) In recent years, the state requires China to transform and develop from traditional processing and manufacturing industries to high-tech industries. Compared with the machinery manufacturing and automation industries in developed countries, China is still at a relatively backward level. Therefore, China's machinery manufacturing and automation industries The industry’s demand in the domestic market is large. Compared with the prices of mature foreign technologies, the prices of domestic technologies are preferential; 2) In the face of increasing domestic labor costs, the cost of mechanical automation decreases with the maturity of mechanical manufacturing technology. Automation and intelligent work will improve production efficiency and production quality, and mechanical production can be produced in any harsh environment; 3) The automation of mechanical manufacturing combined with electronic information technology can self-check according to the program when a failure occurs. Directly point out the fault and adopt the self-protection function. Compared with traditional machinery manufacturing, it reduces the detection and maintenance of working faults, provides stability and reliability for production, and can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents; 4) More mature mechanical design and manufacturing operations The process is simple, just input the corresponding instructions, the production can be automated, and because of its composite functions, it can meet the different development needs of various industries.

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