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Announcement on Improving and Adjusting Some Taxpayers' Individual Income Tax Withholding and Prepayment Methods
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In order to further support employment stabilization and employment, and reduce the tax burden of new recruits during the period of withholding and prepayment of personal income tax, we hereby announce the following matters concerning the improvement and adjustment of the method of withholding and prepayment of personal income tax for those who obtain wages and salaries during the year:

1. For resident individuals who receive wages and salaries in a tax year, when withholding and pre-paying personal income tax, the withholding agent can calculate the accumulated deduction fee by multiplying 5,000 yuan/month by the number of months ended by the taxpayer in the current year.

2. If a student receiving full-time academic education obtains labor remuneration for internship, when the withholding agent withholds and prepays personal income tax, he may follow the "State Administration of Taxation on the release of the "Individual Income Tax Withholding Declaration Management Measures (Trial)" "Announcement" (2018 No. 61) to calculate and withhold the withholding tax.

3. Taxpayers who comply with the provisions of this announcement and can withhold and prepay personal income tax in accordance with the above clauses shall promptly declare to the withholding agent and truthfully provide relevant supporting materials or undertakings, and verify the authenticity of relevant materials and undertakings. Responsible for accuracy and completeness. Relevant information or letter of commitment, taxpayers and withholding agents shall keep for future reference.

4. The resident individual who obtains income from wages and salaries mentioned in this announcement refers to those who have not received income from wages or salaries or have not withheld and prepaid continuous labor compensation in accordance with the cumulative withholding method from the first month of the tax year to the time of new employment. Resident individuals earning personal income tax.

This announcement will take effect on July 1, 2020.

Special announcement.

Source: State Administration of Taxation

July 28, 2020

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